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Hello, I’m Rachel Bridge – welcome to my website. I’m the author of five books about entrepreneurs – the latest, How to start a Business without any Money, is published by Virgin Books and is available to buy from www.amazon.co.uk and from all good bookshops.

I also write a lot about entrepreneurs and small and medium sized businesses for The Telegraph – I have a monthly opinion column in The Sunday Telegraph and I write a Soapbox column and SME Masterclass for the Telegraph website. Please do follow me on Twitter @rachelbridge100 for details of when things are published.

When I’m not doing either of these I make speeches about entrepreneurs at conferences, I run workshops and I facilitate business events, round table sessions and panel discussions. I also create and write content for websites.

Events I have spoken at or facilitated recently have included: RSM Tenon’s Big Fish event, the launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Association of British Credit Unions annual conference, Avanta small business roundtable, National Enterprise Network annual conference, Nectar Business Awards roundtable, Sage theatre at Accountex exhibition, International Women’s Day at the British Embassy in Paris, Discuss and Do Festival in Frome, Entrepreneur Live for schools.

I took a one-woman show about entrepreneurs, called How to Make a Million before Lunch, to the Edinburgh fringe festival in 2010 (and would love to take another one soon).

Basically, I am fascinated by entrepreneurs and what we can learn from them, and more generally I am keen to support, encourage and inspire people to take control of their lives and pursue their dream, whatever that may be, and at whatever age and stage they are at in their lives.

So if you would like me to speak at your next event, or make your website into something special, please contact me on enquiries@rachelbridge.com. I would be delighted to talk to you. You can also follow me and contact me via Twitter at @rachelbridge100.

Incidentally, to coincide with my latest book I have also started my own teeny tiny business selling mugs and canvas bags with the word ENTREPRENEUR on them – the perfect present for all the budding entrepreneurs in your life. Both are available in deep pink or blue, you can buy them at www.entrepreneurthings.com . Here’s a picture:

Entrepreneur Things


I am a writer, journalist and public speaker specialising in entrepreneurship, start ups and growing businesses. I am the former Enterprise Editor of The Sunday Times and prior to that spent several years as a foreign correspondent for The Times based in Australia and France. My five books are: How I Made It, My Big Idea, You Can Do It Too, How to Make a Million before Lunch, and How to Start a Business without any Money. I am about to start work on my next book, of which more soon.